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-Carson in Glencoe, AL

"I purchased beef from the October processing date and it is AMAZING.  The meat is lean, tender, and full of flavor.  I guarantee if  you are a steak person, you will absolutely be blown away by this beef."

-Brandon in Southside, AL

"NY strips were melt in your mouth tender."

-Janet in Montgomery, AL

"We have enjoyed the meat and feel good that it is free of antibiotics..."

-Randi in Gadsden, AL

"We just had a sirloin and it was legitimately delicious..we are super happy!!!"

-Mark in Gadsden, AL

"We've ate burger, ribeye and t-bone so far, much better than store bought. Will definitely do again."

-Bill and Madelon in Gadsden, AL

"We bought our first beef from C&L Farm in the Fall of 2020, and we hope to never have to buy beef from the grocery again.  There is a noticeable difference in the taste of the beef and no excess fat.  With the price of beef going up in the stores, we can honestly say that we are getting a better product for our money.

The processing plant that C&L Farm uses was very helpful and patiently put up with a lot of questions that we had about how to package everything.  We have already ordered four times the amount of our first order.

Thanks C&L Farm for excellent meat and good service."

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