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What we offer

Half or Whole Beef Options

Here at C & L Farm, we offer farm raised beef with a 60 day finish (no antibiotics/hormones/steroids). These calves are Registered Sim-Angus cattle, and will finish out with avg. weights of 1100-1400#. Triple J Processing in Centre, AL along with Thompson Meats in Alexandria, AL will be processing the beef and vacuum sealing the meat custom to your order.  Current pricing on the calves is $2.50/lb. "live weight" in addition to a processing fee paid directly to the processor based on "hanging weight" (which usually averages $480/whole beef and $250/half beef). This will give you an avg. price of $1,350-1,550/half beef and $2,550-2,950/whole beef (assuming 1,000# live weight). A $250 deposit is required for a "half beef" and a $500 deposit is required for a "whole beef." C&L Farm has participated in "Carcass Merit Studies" that resulted in the following results: 69% of all cattle grading mid-Choice or Higher and were designated as CAB, 71% of all cattle were YG 1 or 2, Steers avg. 14.94 REA, 0.46 FT, and 2.74 YG, Heifers avg. 13.73 REA, 0.54 FT, and 2.84 YG. 

**We are currently taking reservations for Fall 2023 Processing**


40# USDA Boxes

**Back by popular demand, we will have a limited availability of 40# pre-assorted USDA beef boxes - vacuum sealed.  These will be available late April '23.  Boxes will include: 20-22# of ground beef, 2 roasts, assortment of steaks, cube steak and stew meat.  Reserve yours today!


CLF Beef Box Pic4.jpg
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